Just How Do They Work?

Scent Pods and warmers were designed and developed to work together to produce the best quality fragrance experience. Especially valuable in places where burning a candle isn't necessarily appropriate like in office buildings and schools. Gold Canyon has come out with several different scent pod warmers to choose from and offer over 70 different scent pod fragrances. This is where fragrance and style become one! Easily change from one scent to another. The no-mess, stackable design is exclusively Gold Canyon's. Simply snap off the lid and place the patent-pending pod on top of the warmer. Got questions? ...

How long does a Scent Pod™ last?
* Scent Pods have been designed for 20 hours of Gold Canyon® quality fragrance dispersion. Fragrance strength will diminish over time and it is recommended to discard and replace your Scent Pod after 20 hours of use.

What happens if the pod runs out while the warmer is still on? Is there any fire hazard?
* No. The wax remains in the Scent Pod container after the fragrance has dissipated. We recommend using the timer feature to prevent prolonged use.

Are the pods safe for children or pets?
* Yes. Each Scent Pod is made with the highest quality food-grade paraffin wax. Additionally, Scent Pod wax remains cool to the touch even when liquefied.

Can I use different types of scented wax (poured from candles into the pod container) and re-use?
* Scent Pods and Warmers are a unique system developed to work together to produce the best quality fragrance experience. Each Scent Pod fragrance formula is designed specifically for optimal performance with Gold Canyon Scent Pod Warmers.

How will I know when the pods have worn out?
* You will notice that the fragrance strength has weakened once the Scent Pod has been used for more than 20 hours. Additionally, each Scent Pod label includes five small dots to represent the suggested four-hour use increments to allow you to track product use. After you've used your pod for four hours, simply mark off one of the five small dots to keep track of your Scent Pod use.

How does the timer work?
* The automatic off timer switch allows you to choose how long your fragrance lasts with setting options of four-, eight-, and 12- hour increments. This not only offers peace of mind when using their Pod Warmers, this new feature also helps the Scent Pods last longer without over-using the product.

Are Scent Pods recyclable?
* Yes. Once properly cleaned, Scent Pods can be recycled.

As you can see, scent pods and warmers are the answer to many questions!! If you want fragrance without the flame, you will love these scent pods and warmers!
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